Why its important to know what type of Ecig Refill you need

Choosing the right nicotine strength accounts for a lot of the experience. If you are just switching over from traditional cigarettes, you are going to want to go for something pretty similar to what you’re used to, for the most similar experience.

That’s just a general rule of thumb, because there are those who are wanting to jump right into vaping with a lesser amount of nicotine than they’re used to.

INCIG carries three different levels of nicotine in our e-cigarette refills for customers to choose from. All of the E-juice in our refills are very authentic and taste just like the real thing and are great quality! Having this many options means that we are able to please even more customers, and offer our customers a great selection if they want one more than one level.

So how do you choose the best one? Well, what kind of cigarettes do you smoke? The strengths are made to be comparable to traditional cigarettes, and follow a similar order. Starting from Ultra Light 6mg, Light 12mg to Full Flavoured 18mg, we really offer something for every type of smoker!

All have the same delicious flavours available, and intense nicotine experience you are accustomed to. This allows you to switch to vapourcigarettes, and notfeel like you have to vape excessivelyto feel good. 18mg refills compare to the nicotine strength in full strength tobacco cigarettes, while the 12mg lights compare very well to standard cigarette lights, and the same goes for the 6mg ultra lights.

Our site has a guide which can quickly help you identify the correct nicotine level for you by visiting www.incig.co.uk/cart-miliigram!

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