Where Can INCIG Electronic Cigarettes be Smoked? Everywhere!

The ban on tobacco cigarettes has left many smokers reeling. New smoke-free laws have left smokers out in the cold (quite literally). Venues where smokers once felt at home, places like the pub or local restaurants have forced them outside to the streets.

While smoking in theatres has long been forbidden, now many cities are even banning smoking in parks, soon it will be the streets. All these new rules may leave today’s modern smoker wondering:……..”Just where can I smoke?”

Electronic Cigarettes: No Odour, No Smoke – No Ban!

Smokers now have an alternative. Smokeless, and odourless electronic cigarettes are letting smokers come back from the street. Because these little electronic devices don’t emit smoke, just vapour, smokers do not have to worry about offending those around them with nasty odour and second-hand smoke. Instead, e-cigarette smokers are taking back their freedom to smoke where and when they want.

Now it should be noted that there are places where electronic cigarettes, along with tobacco cigarettes, are banned. In fact, electronic cigarette smoking has been banned on a few airlines and the town and cities are now using restrictions in children’s parks and play areas.

Even so, with e-cig brands like INCIG working to educate the public about the advantages of electronic cigarettes, these bans are still few and far between. Meaning, with electronic cigarettes, you can beat the smoking ban.

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