When will the crusade against electronic cigarettes ever stop

Since it first hit the U.K market in 2008, the electronic cigarette has seen its fair share of publicity, both negative and favourable. A Million and a half of long time smokers in the U.K. have embraced e cigs as a welcome alternative to tobacco cigarettes, aptly termed “cancer sticks” due to their high levels of proven carcinogens.

For consumers who would otherwise still be smoking multiple packs per day, increasing their risk of developing fatal health conditions with every drag, the electronic cigarette has offered a whole new lease on life of sorts.

E-Cigarettes provide smokers the ability to give up tobacco entirely while still enjoying an enjoyable, tar-free solution to their nicotine cravings. Naturally, anyone who had done their research or even talked with an ex-smoker who chose e cigs instead would be all for something like this, actively advocating anything that helps people move away from tobacco.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world that’s always that rational. The fact is that there are people out there with absolutely nothing on their minds other than eradicating electronic cigarettes. Regardless of the good they have done and are capable of doing for countless smokers, e cigs have gradually become a major target for anti-smoking lobbyists who can’t seem to discern the difference between tobacco smoking and vaping.

A Ban on Electronic Cigarettes?

Currently, e cig opponents are relying on an antiquated “Quit or Die” approach to smoking, proffering ineffective quitting methods like nicotine gums, lozenges and patches, resulting in an inevitable return to tobacco. In fact, research has shown that in 96 percent of cases, products like these ultimately fail.

Many smokers who have battled an addiction to cigarettes for 20 or more years claim that the electronic cigarette is the only method that has provided a (looks like and feels like) alternative to tobacco. Now that the anti-smoking power brokers are attacking that method and vilifying e cigs right alongside tobacco cigarettes, what are those consumers to do? Fight back, that’s what.

Public Response to Proposed E Cig Bans

The radical prohibitionist attitude toward e cigarettes has been met with considerable backlash from the vaping community as well as from non-vaping proponents interested in stomping out smoking in general. Even esteemed medical professionals and authorities from several accredited health organisations have taken a step forward to question the crusade against electronic cigarettes, citing studies that have proven these products effective at helping smokers decrease their tobacco consumption.

So why would anyone actively want to take away a consumer’s right to choose an alternative to a known danger like tobacco cigarettes? That’s a really good question. A question we all should probably consider, vapers or not. Because when it comes down to it, the real underlying issue here is one of freedom and license to make our own decisions as to what is right for us as individuals. What would you do if your town or city made a move to ban electronic cigarettes?

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