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INCIG electronic cigarettes are highly cost effective and can reduce expenditure by more than 75%. One disposable cartomiser refill, which also acts as the inhaler is the equivalent of 30 real cigarettes. Therefore the financial benefits can be very worth while.

INCIG e-cigs have been designed to produce just the right amount of nicotine to ensure your smoke is as near to a traditional smoke as possible. However our e-cigarette doesn’t ‘just’ have the above mentioned ‘financially rewarding’ factors.

As there are no noxious substances emitting from our electronic cigarette, they have been made absolutely legal to smoke in public were traditional smoking has been forbidden. e-cigarettes also benefit those who would otherwise be exposed to the toxic elements of passive smoke. Traditional cigarettes contain upto 4000 toxic chemicals, whereby the e-cigarette omits no toxic or hazardous chemicals associated with passive smoking.

As the battery is rechargeable, under normal usage these can last for the equivalent of between 30 to 40 traditional cigarettes before it needs re-charging, reducing your carbon footprint.

Therefore the e-cigarettes are healthier, cheaper, environmentally friendly and acts as a good substitute to smoking which also helps in creating awareness. They ultimately lead to a better social environment and thus INCIG believe them to be the best healthy substitute to the traditional cigarette.