How to use Electronic Cigarettes | INCIG

TEXT_BANNER_SLIDE_13_1024x192 (2) user manual

Before using this product, please read carefully the manual, to make sure, you know how to use it correctly.

Components of the product:
Cartomiser (refill)
Battery components
Power line

1.0 Safety Instruction

To use the electronic cigarette and all provided products safely and effectively please adhere strictly to the user manual.

How to use INCIG electronic E-cigarette:-

Please refer to our website link Getting Started. Initially, charge the battery for eight hours to ensure maximum performance and durability of the battery. Once fully charged the electronic E-cigarette swaps automatically into a stand-by mode.

Then take a new cartomiser and tear off the protective slip from the inhale end. Process by screwing the cartomiser clockwise into the newly charged battery.

Simulation of the smoking process is activated as soon as you start to inhale. If the lithium battery is not charged correctly or running out, it will be indicated by a permanently blinking light at the end of your electric cigarette. In this case, please change the battery to a recharged one.

How to use the charging set:

Push or screw the lithium battery in the provided recharger, this being a Personal Charge Case (PCC), USB or car charger.

Excellence/Avantis – simply push the battery into the charging hole situated in the PCC and the light on the battery will blink 3 times signalling it is ready to start, then it will begin charging. Once the light on the charger turns to a constant blue the battery is charging. When the light is off, you are all set.

Ultimate iPack -simply screw the battery clockwise into the charging hole situated in port 5 the PCC hold the button on front of charge case for 3 seconds to commence charge. The led charge light will illuminate red indicating charging for 3 seconds indicating the commence of charge.Once the light on the charger turns to a constant blue the battery is charging. When the light is off, you are all set.


1.2 Safety instructions

Transport of INCIG electrical cigarette.

When on the move with the electronic cigarette, ensure you protect it from pressure or strokes, which might deform the cigarette. The E-cigarette should always be carried in horizontal position or the full cartomiser should be exchanged for an empty one to avoid leakage.

Components of the electronic cigarettes:

INCIG electronic cigarette is a high tech product. Cartomisers, batteries and chargers are only fit for purpose for INCIG electronic cigarette. Ensure no other products are used as these will not be compatible and it will be likely that such activity will cause failure of the electronic cigarette or damage. This will also void any guarantee.

Use in public areas

The electronic cigarette does not produce toxic smoke. Therefore no passive smoke is passed and does not affect the environment. The E-cigarette does not have to be lit and thus no fire issues occur. There is no formation of smoke, and therefore INCIG can be used officially in non smoking areas.

1.3 Safety information.

Do not use the INCIG electronic cigarette whilst driving a car. Please ensure that your electrical cigarette is stored correctly, to avoid damage which might be caused in case of accident.

Measures of precaution:

This product should not be stored in hot or humid environment. Keep children away from the electronic cigarette and its accessories. Avoid incorrect handling, which might cause damage or failure. Please store correctly. Do not use the cigarette more frequently than a normal one. Never charge overnight or out of sight.

2.0 How to use the INCIG electronic cigarette


Step 1: Take the cartomiser out of the packaging and remove the protective slip from the top.

Step 2: Twist the cartomiser into the fully charged battery.


Place the electronic cigarette to your mouth and take 3 long puff’s on the cigarette to ensure full bodied flow of nicotine to ensure the start of the smoke is activated correctly.


The lamp at the end of the cigarette will light up indicating the ‘draw’ of nicotine is in process. If you stop inhaling the operating mode changes automatically to stand-by mode.

The best angle to handle the cigarette is horizontal. Do not turn the cigarette upside down. Thus you avoid leakage into your mouth.

The integrated micro-chip program cleans the cigarette automatically.

2.2 How to use/maintain the INCIG electronic cigarette

Battery exchange

If the control lamp at the tip of the cigarette body is blinking permanently, this indicates that the battery is empty and to be recharged.

Cartomiser change

If the e-cig is producing small amounts of smoke (steam) this indicates that you have to exchange the cartomiser.

3.0 Charging methods

If the indicator at the tip of the cigarette blinks, the battery has to be recharged with the supplied charger. To charge the battery, connect the main cable with the charger and insert in the plug. After that push or screw the battery in the charger.

After 3-4 hours the blue light will go out indicating that charging process has been finished. Take the battery out and pull out the plug.

Blue flash: has to be charged
Blue constant : charging in process
No light: charging finished.

3.1 Precautions

It is forbidden to leave the battery in high temperatures or close to a heating appliance. Do not manipulate the battery. In case the battery turns hot or smells, changes colour or deforms or shows any other strange structural changes, please pull out the plug and take the battery out.

Do not use this battery again. The charger can only be used to recharge the lithium ion battery of the electronic cigarette. Do not use this charger for other types of batteries.

Please keep the electronic cigarette and the accessories away from children.

This cigarette can only be used with the provided battery and charger. Never leave the battery charging over night or out of sight