Things always seem a little bit fresher with INCIG Electronic Cigarettes

If your still smoking traditional cigarettes, wherever you smoke, if it is not outdoors, or highly ventilated, the smell will linger, and it can take days for it to go away. It lingers because tobacco smoke has the nasty habit of leaving a residual tar, the same thing that sticks to the lungs of smokeers! Tar stains everything it comes into contact with, smells terrible, and lingers for a while.

Indoors, everything in your home is at the mercy of smoke when you smoke cigarettes. Imagine how much fresher it can be without smoke permeating everything, all the time. One of the most fabulous things about ecigs is that they can be used indoors as much as you like, without the worry of making your home stinky, or having to worry about fires.

In your car, cigarettes can certainly create a bad environment as well. You just know when you get into the car of a smoker; you can just smell that stale aroma, the reminiscent smell of smoke and tar that never seems to take forever to disappear, no matter how much odour remover you spray, or how many scented air fresheners you hang from the rear view mirror!

Imagine a clean, fresh smelling car every time you get in. Using e-cigarettes in your car is a much better alternative to cigarettes, and you don’t have to deal with the effects afterwards. Plus, if you’re traveling with people who don’t smoke, you won’t have to wait to you get out to vape! Our e-cigarette car adapter charger is the perfect accessory to have if you spend any amount of time in your car, allowing you to charge batteries as you drive.

When smokers switch to electric cigarettes, they always seem to be pleased by how much fresher life is. Smokers tend to get used to the smoke covering everything, and after a while, it becomes kind of normal to look the other way about it. “If I don’t notice or mind the smoke, other people probably won’t as well, right?” This can be the mindset, but in reality, nonsmokers, for the most part, do not care for the smell of smoke at all! Things are way cleaner, way fresher, and just so much nicer when you smoke e-cigs.

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