The History of Electronic Cigarettes by INCIG

Electroniccigarettes are marvels of modern technology, but in actuality, they were a concept long before the 21st century.

The original idea for electronic cigarette devices were first patented in 1963, by a gentleman named Herbert A. Gilbert. Unfortunately, the idea tanked because even though Gilbert was aware of the dangers of cigarettes, they were still too ingrained in American culture. Cigarette use was acceptable nearly anywhere in public, and quitting was just not a widespread focus. Also against him at the time, technology for this kind of device was not as advanced as it is today.

40 year later, however, a pharmacist in China would take this idea to fruition, after losing his father to lung cancer. Han Lik, a smoker, created the prototype for what we use today as alternative cigarettes, where the user can inhale vaporised nicotine, without any tobacco. His ideas were so provoking; the company he worked for backed him to make it reality. The name they chose for their products was “Ruyan” where the translation means “like smoke.” Upon their release, the Chinese market embraced them instantly.

That was just the beginning. Quickly, their popularity spread to the European markets, and by 2007, reached the American market. The World Health Organisation (WHO) was the first international health authority to acknowledge them, simply by requiring such products not to be considered devices for smoking cessation.

This acknowledgement did nothing to affect growth, and e-cigarettes continued to soar in sales. Studies began to happen, by independent research houses, universities and colleges, and major health institutions from countries such as New Zealand.

So this is how it all began, and what lead to the phenomenon that electronic cigarettes are today. We are more than proud of what the industry has accomplished, as well as the place we hold within it. We certainly are looking to the future, and how we can have a positive impact on it with INCIG products!

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