The electronic cigarette and the car driver

Our customers tell us that one of the main reasons for them to smoke an electroniccigarette is to ‘beat the ban’. We use the term loosely, but it generally means that users can ‘smoke’ their electronic cigarette in those very places where they cannot light up a tobacco cigarette: in pubs, clubs, bars; in restaurants, cafes and coffee shops; in planes, trains and cars. 


The term is used loosely because individual places may have their own restrictions, but the electronic cigarette is not included in legislation.


The electronic cigarette can therefore also be used in the work place, and this includes company cars. Smoking in cars has remained an area for debate even after the first wave of legislation that banned smoking in public places. 


Company vehicles were deemed a place of work, so they were included in the legislation. Private vehicles were not, but this then led to many believing that smoking should be banned in ALL vehicles.


There are two schools of thought. The first believe that the potential dangers of smoking whilst driving mean they should be outlawed completely. Dropping lighted cigarette butts or lack of attention when lighting up are two of the more obvious concerns. And don’t even get them start on the littering caused by throwing butts out of car windows. It makes sense – even without legislation – NOT to smoke whilst driving


The second school is concerned with passive smoking when children are passengers. The research may not be conclusive but intuitively the idea of children in a small smoke-filled environment sounds like a bad idea.


Even without the chance of disease, many children will become headache or breathless in such an environment. This school believes, and it is hard to argue, that they will be able to see their campaign vindicated with more legislation.


Even if there is no legislation, smokers can solve any issues by switching to e cigs. They will allow the driver to receive their nicotine hit, but without producing any harmful smoke. There is no danger of passive smoking, no smoke to fill up the car. There is no combustion, so drivers are not distracted. And, of course, there are butts to throw out of the window.


If you are a driver and looking for that first reason to switch, try an INCIG the next time you want to smoke when driving.

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