Our aim is to provide premium electronic cigarette and accessories to help current smokers to live healthier lives and to enjoy the freedom of smoking anywhere!

By supplying a Premium e-cigarette, with ‘state of the art’ technology, accompanied with a large variety of tasty flavours, INCIG is endeavouring to putting back the satisfaction in smoking where it has been banned to traditional cigarette smokers!.

We love to hear from our customers with regards to their experiences and opinions on the products we supply. We care about our customers and want to ensure that they have the same GREAT experience time after time, and also want to ensure that our NEW customers experience the GREAT same experience as our dedicated customers.

The testimonials below demonstrate why INCIG is the top brand of electronic cigarettes within the UK and demonstrates our strong commitment to our customers.

SO COME ON, we want to hear from you! Let us know about your INCIG electronic cigarette experience and how this has changed your life.

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