Taking Up Smoking Tops List of Things Britons Most

If we could do it all again it would seem we’d make quite a few major life choices differently, as a new survey shows that taking up smoking is the decision we most regret.


A new survey has revealed that taking up smoking is the thing which Britons most regret doing. Although perhaps not altogether surprising that it is something most of us regret, that it tops the survey which demonstrates just how aware we have become on the impact of smoking and the consequences it can have on people’s lives. 


In the study of more than 2,000 adults, researchers discovered that taking up smoking was the number one regret, beating other complaints such as putting on weight and not saving money. Smokers said the effect cigarettes had on their health, and the associated costs of smoking were the main cause for their regret, two things incidentally which can be lessened by switching to electric cigarettes. Other concerns cited by smokers were the addictive nature of the habit, and additional health reasons including passive smoking and the possibility of dying at a younger age.


The survey found the average Briton has seven major regrets, and that decisions made while they were young had far-reaching consequences on their later lives. Not going to college or university, getting into debt and getting a tattoo were also on the list. 


Commenting on the survey results incig sales director Claire Green said: ‘Almost everyone has at least one thing they wish they hadn’t done, especially when they were younger. While some regrets are of no consequence, some of the mistakes from your past can have a real effect on your health, bank account and on your entire future.’


Taking up smoking was also the most shared regret, with a third of those responding who said their partner smoked expressing remorse at being in a relationship with a smoker, and almost as many wishing they’d made more effort to make family and friends quit. Perhaps this can account for the increase we saw in customers gifting ecig Starter Kits at Christmas, a trend which fits well into the socially driven nature of giving up smoking.


Not quitting smoking earlier in life also made the top ten, highlighting what a life changing experience it can be for those who do ditch cigarettes. With even ex-smokers regretting giving up sooner, and the increasing availability and acceptance of alternatives to traditional smoking such as our own electronic cigarettes, there is every chance that future surveys won’t have as many smokers to poll for their results.

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