Stay Green This Summer with INCIG Electronic Cigarettes

Summer time often means outdoor time, and if you’re looking to stay green with all of your outdoor adventures, do it with e-cigarettes! Electronic cigarettes are a more environmentally conscious approach to nicotine enjoyment, and if you plan on being active, they allow you to do both in a more intelligent manner.

Cigarettes can be difficult, and they can create a lot of problems when you’re enjoying the great outdoors.

You don’t have to live a “green” lifestyle to start choosing greener products. For many people, the bottom line in choosing green isn’t even always about the environment, because convenience and cost usually weigh in as heavier decision factors.

We all know that littering cigarette tab ends is a huge problem, and it’s often too easy for smokers to do. A bin may not be close enough, or they forget to even put in them. Whatever the reasoning behind it, cigarette tab ends don’t belong on the ground, and they truly are unnecessary rubbish.

Electronic cigarettes are more environmentally friendly simply for the fact that they are a very reusable type of cigarette, and they do not encourage waste. Of course a user can dispose their used e-cig cartridge on the ground, but it has to be changed and it is not so easy to forget about. The old one gets tossed, and a new one gets put on, however a single cartridge lasts typically longer than a standard pack of 20 cigarettes, which alone saves a lot of landfill (or ground) space!

Also think about the actual cigarette packs and lighters that slowly add up over time. These are additional waste items you won’t be accumulating. Less rubbish = more green.

Enjoying your time outdoors is much better with e-cigarettes as well. In addition to being better when it comes to littering, they are also much more portable and easier to use when your attention is focused on other things.

E-cigarettes also cost a lot less, saving you green, and not buying those additional things like lighters, teeth whiteners, and perfume and ash trays save you even more green while you get green. Green is just better!

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