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Here at INCIG we have created four starter kits to meet everyone’s budget, and circumstances. INCIG smokeless cigarettes are a high-tech, non-flammable solution for receiving a self regulated nicotine hit without exposing the individual or other third parties to the hazardous elements of tobacco.

Unlike nicotine patches which in most cases give an overdose of nicotine, smokers can now enjoy ‘just the right amount’ of dosage of a vaporised liquid nicotine solution.

All our starter kits come with our Traditional Tobacco flavoured refill as standard. Dependent on the kit you purchase, your kit will contain a ‘minimum’ of 8 refills, equivalent to 240 cigarettes.CALIBRE STARTER_BANNER_SLIDE_1text_1024x384 (6) £18.99 240 8 carts

STARTER_BANNER_SLIDE_2text_1024x384-excellence £34.99STARTER_BANNER_SLIDE_3text_1024x384-Avantis £42.99STARTER_BANNER_SLIDE_4text_1024x384-Ultimate £49.99

All our e-cigarettes are ‘state of the art  design 2 piece design. The INCIG e cigarette provides a ‘near exact’ physical sensation to that of smoking a traditional cigarette. Dimensions and look have been emulated to ensure this experience replicates traditional smoking in every way, except for the serious health implications.

The largest part of the e-cigarette is the battery, which functions as the brain of the device. The battery contains many essential components, including an advanced microcomputer indicator “ash” light, an operating mode sensor and lithium-ion battery cell – all of which are concealed within an aluminium shell that resembles a traditional cigarette.

When the smoker inhales, the operating mode sensor subsequently triggers the microcomputer, which in turn signals the lithium-ion battery to release a charge to the atomiser. The atomiser receives power and heats up, vaporising the cartridge’s nicotine  solution.

While the “ash” light glows, this gives the impression that you have a flame and the burning of tobacco when in fact this is symbolising you are inhaling the vapour from your electric cigarette.

To ensure that your e smoke is heightened not only do we offer a traditional tobacco flavour which is second to none, but also now offer 6 other exciting flavours. Our products contain NO tobacco, NO tar and NO poisonous smoke.