So why was in INCIG electronic cigarettes named INCIG?

We chose the name INCIG, as we believe electronic cigarettes are forming part of a revolution and becoming a fast replacement for traditional cigarettes……and therefore have become the ‘in thing’ with regards to today’s social changing trends and opinions in relation to smoking.

INCIG Electronic cigarettes made the conscious choice to offer a product that would clearly not be mistaken for a traditional cigarette while being used. Our packs have a dark black casing with the signature Green symbol emphasising a ‘cleaner’ and more personal and environmentally friendly product. We chose to make the logo green for similar reasons. Our green logo makes the case stand out from regular packs of traditional cigarettes.

Our cigarettes come with a glowing blue tip which is distinctive and unique, both from traditional cigarettes and even from other brands of e-cigs. The blue tip is intended to invoke curiosity and conversation, rather than to suggest that it is a traditional cigarette.

Our goal is to empower smokers to regain some of their freedom. If someone is using an e-cigarette that looks like a traditional cigarette and glows the same colour as the burning tip on a traditional cigarette, it may be mistaken for a traditional cigarette. That smoker might be subject to a potential negative reaction, as if they were smoking a traditional cigarette. This is especially important when someone wants to enjoy an INCIG electronic cigarette in places where traditional smoking isn’t permitted, but vaping is allowed.

INCIG is green to stand out from the crowd, both from traditional cigarettes and other e-cigs. It’s also intended to appeal to a wide audience. Most people across the globe associate the colour green with environmentally friendly products, so people associate with our branding and we’re confident that adult smokers will love INCIG too.

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