Electronic Cigarette Refills, Flavoured E-Cig Cartridges @ INCIG


INCIG refills offer superior performance and reliability. One pack contains 5 REFILLS, equivalent to 150 cigarettes! All our flavours are made with ‘premium’ ingredient’s which means that every smoke has the same enhanced flavour as the last. All our refills and liquids are pre-filled and then foil sealed to ensure that no loss of flavour, maximising your enjoyment.

  • INCIG e-cigarette refills come in packs of five and e liquids 10ml bottles.
  • Each INCIG e-cigarette refill is individually wrapped and sealed.
  • INCIG e-cigarette refills and liquids are also available in other exciting flavours such as Classic Tobacco, Rich Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, Vanilla, Menthol, Cinnamon, Blueberry, Tutti fruity and Cherry flavours.
  • Refills are available in High (18mg), Medium (12mg), Low (6mg) and Zero. E liquids are also supplied to 24mg.
  • All our refills are disposable, therefore unlike other e-cigarette manufacturers and suppliers, you are free from the regular chore of refilling cumbersome cartridges.
  • All our refills are soft-tip cartomisers.
  • All our refills are 100% compatible with SKYCIG BLU and Nicolites

All our kits come with Traditional Tobacco flavoured refill cartomisers as standard. Dependent on the kit you purchased, your kit will contain a minimum of 3 refills.

We would also recommend that if you are experiencing e smoking for the very first time you also check out our refill cartomiser comparison chart which will give you a good indicator as to which cartomiser refill will give you a similar nicotine level hit to your current brand of cigarette.

Research has concluded that smokers who purchase further cartomiser refills with the starter kit are 77% more likely not to revert back to Tobacco cigarettes.

By using the refill chart and purchasing a different milligram nicotine level of cartomiser you can quickly identify which strength is for you and you can become accustom to the e cigarette quickly. After that, the choice is yours to experience our other fantastic range of exciting flavours.

And because at INCIG we believe in ensuring that ‘all’ our customers receive the very best service on every order. If you order 5 or more ‘packs’ of our refill cartomisers or 5 bottle of any E liquid bottles at any ‘one shop’ we promise that we will give you a further pack filled with 5 refill cartomisers or an extra bottle of E liquid absolutely FREE!

*Not valid with an promotional offer unless stated otherwise.