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You know we are all about rewarding our customers, and one way we love doing it is by rewarding word-of-mouth business. We love incentives, and we know that most people love to talk about things that work out for them, so if you are passing on a good word about our products, and your friends are taking notice, we want to hook you up!!!


INCIG’s Refer-A-Friend program is one of the many options we offer our customers to save money. It works to reward the current customer who was so kind to tell their friend, and then it offers the new customer a free packet of refills for joining the family. For current users, for every person that you refer to INCIG who makes a purchase, you will receive a free pack of refills of your choice after the purchase is made!


If the Refer-A-Friend program sounds like something you could benefit from, and your friends could benefit from, here’s how to do it. Signing up is really easy, and it takes no more than a minute. You just fill out a quick form on our website, and you’re done! If you want to take it an extra step further, to let all of your friends know the deal, we can post a little message on your Facebook or Twitter pages on your behalf!


Our referral program is just self-benefiting, though. You are essentially doing your friends huge favours! Cigarettes are awful, and if you can convince your friends to use a healthier alternative, to improve their lives and save them money, they will be extremely happy and thankful in the end! Also, if you know people who are using brands other than INCIG, why not turn them on to the best? We’re known throughout the industry for our high performance e-cigarettes, sensational flavours, and exceptionally large vapour, and chances are if your friends are vapour smoking with another brand, it isn’t as good as INCIG!

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