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E_CIG(hi)-18The eGo is the part of the next generation of electronic cigarettes. This generation of devices improves on the last generation by having a much larger capacity battery, over 3.5 times as large as a standard 510 battery on the standard eGo battery and 5 times larger on the XL eGo battery. The device is not particularly long, it is similar in length to a standard 510. However, the battery has a larger diameter that allows for its larger capacity. To balance the aesthetics of the device, a cone attaches to the battery and smooths line between the battery and the atomizer end.

eGo’s can take several styles of atomizers, standard 510′s (standard resistance and low resistance or LR) and the much large eGo XL atomizer and eGo XL cartomizers. The XL atomzier has a great diameter so standard 510 carts will not fit the atomizer.

A typical 650mAh battery will usually last around a day, depending on vaping habits.

Buyers Guide – Who might buy this product

This device is suitable for all types of vapers. The main drawback of the standard 510 starter kit is the battery life and the eGo improves in this department by allowing up to 5 times as long between charges using the XL battery. It delivers great throat hit and masses of vapour so delivers a very satisfying vape.

Given that it has a much larger capacity battery it can handle low resistance atomizers that simply drain standard batteries too quickly and damage them. For new users, it carries across the same easy use principles from the standard kit and for established users the problems with multiple batteries is no more. The main draw back is that they look less like standard cigarettes than older models because of the larger diameter battery.

Overall, the eGo is a versatile e-cigarette due to it’s ease of use, low start up and running cost and excellent performance. 

INCIG guarantees batteries for 28 days.