INCIG E-Cigs: How Much Has the ‘Switch’ Saved You?

There is no doubt that smoking traditional cigarettes is an expensive habit. Smoking a pack of 20 a day at £8 a pack can wind up costing you around £2,920 a year, and that’s only including the cost of the cigarettes.

When you add in other associated expenses, such as lighters and fluid, purchasing unnecessary cleaning products to get ride of the bad odour in your house and car, potential damage to your clothes, health related issues resulting into having to purchase medicines over the counter, the costs of smoking a traditional cigarette can end up being much more.

So How Much have you saved?

In truth, the cost savings when switching to an e-cig can wind up saving you big time.

Using INCIGe-cigs as an example – a budget starter kit costs around £18.99. This kit comes with the equivalent of 240 cigarettes.

So in effect you are paying £18.99 for the equivalent of 12 packs of 20 cigarettes, or £1.58 a pack.

If you smoke a pack of 20 a day of cigarettes, your yearly outlay would be approx£2920 dependant of the brand you purchased.

Similarly, it would only cost you £438 a year after a switch to INCIG eCigs. That’s a savings of over £2482 a year!

How do these e-cig saving add up?

Think of all the things you could purchase by saving £2482 a year:-

·        A family holiday

·        A second car

·        Top of range TV

·        4 city breaks a year

·        Eating out every weekend

The benefits are endless…..

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