INCIG Cigs: A Few Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a long time backer of INCIG eCigs or just now thinking about making the switch, you undoubtedly have a question or two. The following are some answers to the more frequently asked questions:

 Does an INCIG E-Cig produce smoke?

  • No. While a INCIG electronic cigarette looks like it may produce smoke, this is in fact a vapour, which disappears in seconds.

Where can I smoke INCIG?

  • INCIG is not a tobacco product; It does not burn; And it does not produce odour. For this reason, a INCIG electronic cigarette can often be smoked in places where tobacco cigarettes are banned. (i.e. bars, restaurants, stadiums) However, in order to be respectful and avoid causing a scene, you should always check with the establishment before you start vaping.

Can I use INCIG to quit smoking?

  • INCIG has not been approved by the MHRA as a smoking cessation device. For this reason, it should not be used to help you quit smoking

Why should I choose INCIG over another e-cig brand?

  • INCIG offers a commitment to quality and safety. We maintain an independent quality control organisation that inspects product lines at all our facilities.
  • INCIG is committed to the overall user experience. There is no other brand that offers the type of usability compared to our electronic cigarette packs. With an advanced social feature, these convenient carrying cases will actually charge your e-cigarette batteries while you are on the go.

Why does a INCIG e-cig have a blue light?

  • The tip of a INCIG electronic cigarette is blue in colour to alleviate any concerns people may have that you are smoking a real cigarette in areas where traditional cigarettes are not typically allowed. The blue light lets them know you are not smoking a cigarette.

How does INCIG work?

  • INCIG works with a small rechargeable battery (take note that INCIG Disposables are not rechargeable) and a unique, replaceable electronic cigarette cartridge containing the exclusive INCIG flavors. Inhaling activates the cartridge and vaporises the solution.

The above are just a few of the more frequently asked questions. For answers to all your questions, read our INCIG Cig FAQ page or visit us at

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