How Long Does an INCIG eCigs Refill Cartridge Last?

Across the world, smokers throw at least 4.5 trillion cigarette filters away a year. 4.5 trillion! Which is quite unbelievable!. Tobacco cigarettes create a lot of unnecessary waste. Now there’s a better way.

INCIG electronic cigarettes create significantly less waste. Electronic cigarettes don’t use up trees that provide fuel to dry tobacco and they don’t use paper to create the cigarette. And they don’t leave behind filthy filters, which is not recyclable.

When you’re finished with the refill cartridge on a reusable e-cig, you can recycle it. That saves a lot of waste from entering your local landfills.

What are the refill cartridge flavours and strengths?

INCIG refill cartridges last far longer than traditional cigarettes.

Our refills cartridges produce approx 300 puffs, basically equivalent to 30 traditional cigarettes, give or take a few J.

That’s a lot of vaping from each e-cig refill!

We currently have seven flavours that all come in three different strengths, from 6mg of nicotine (very low) all the way to 18mg of nicotine.

Our cartridge flavors include:

  • Vanilla
  • Cherry
  • Menthol
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Golden Virginia Tobacco
  • Royal Tobacco
  • Cinnamon

Our nicotine levels include:

  • High:                     Approximately 18mg
  • Medium:              Approximately 12mg
  • Low:                     Approximately 6mg

How can I get the most out of my refill?

The amount of puffs you will get from each INCIG eCigs varies based on user usage. A user that likes to take long, deep drags to cloud up a car will not get the same results as someone that takes small, light puffs. We recommend taking slow draws to get the best vapour production.

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