How do INCIG electronic cigarettes work?

If you’ve seen someone smoking a sleek-looking cigarette with a glowing blue tip, you’ve seen INCIG in action. INCIG electronic cigarettes are the UK’s premium electronic cigarettes in the market place today—and they’re gaining emphasis over traditional cigarettes, and other electronic cigarette manufacturers.

But you may be wondering: how do e cigarettes work?

INCIG Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

INCIG disposable electronic cigarettes don’t need matches or lighters. These e-cigs are powered by electricity—no fire, no problem. Everything you need to enjoy an electronic cigarette comes right inside the e-cig itself and the pack.

INCIG’s disposable electronic cigarettes are self-contained. Each one has a built-in battery, atomiser, and flavour cartridge. When you take a drag on a disposable e-cig, you activate the battery which heats up the flavour e liquid. This flows through the atomiser and then out of the cigarette in the form of flavoured vapour. The blue tip lights up, letting you know you’re getting the goods.

INCIG disposable electronic cigarette lasts about 400 puffs— which is equivalent to more than a pack and a half of traditional cigarettes. When the blue tip stops lighting up, it’s time to get a new e-cig.

Reusable Electronic Cigarettes

All INCIG’sstarter kit range have reusable electronic cigarettes. The batteries within the kits are rechargeable and can be used over and over again.

An INCIG reusable electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a refill (with a built-in atomiser.) You simply take your charged battery and screw it onto the flavour refill cartridge of your choice. Your inhalation activates the atomiser which turns the flavoured liquid into vapour. You then inhale this vapour—just like you would smoke, without the tobacco, ash or smell.

You can charge your reusable battery by using a wall charger, a USB charger, or INCIG Personal Charge Case (PCC) that charges your e-cigarette battery when you’re on the go.

INCIG’s e liquid contains 3 varying levels of nicotine and seven flavours. You pick how much nicotine you want and what flavour you want. And you can switch it up—have a few different flavour refill cartridges in your pack so you can vape different flavours. Enjoy whatever suits your mood.

Better Choices: Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes work with no mess—no smoke, no ash, no tobacco, no stink. Just pleasantly-scented vapour that you can enjoy virtually anywhere.

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