How Do INCIG eCigs Electronic Cigarettes Work?

INCIG electronic cigarettes aren’t just your run of the mill, normal cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes are made up of dried tobacco leaves wrapped in a rolling paper. You use matches or a lighter to light them, and you’ve got a high-heat ember at the end. You cant just leave them hanging around as they would cause a fire. You’ve got to put them out in an ash tray or somewhere safe and then you leave behind dirty filters.

INCIG eCigs are a little bit different.

Ecig Vapour ‘v’ Traditional Smoke

INCIG eCigs are electronic cigarettes. They offer an alternative way for adult smokers to enjoy nicotine, without many of the inconveniences or drawbacks of traditional smokes.

Our e-cigs are available in disposable and rechargeable models. Disposables are comprised of a battery, atomiser, and flavoured nicotine liquid—all in one cigarette-shaped tube.

Rechargeable e-cigs feature a flavor refill cartridge with an atomiser inside that is screwed into a rechargeable battery. Once joined together, these two pieces also mimic the size and shape of a traditional cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes produce water vapour, rather than smoke. This vapour is inhaled in the same manner smoke is inhaled. The vapour simulates the look and feel of smoke, but it evaporates almost instantly after it’s exhaled. It doesn’t create an offensive odor, and should not bother those around you.

What Makes INCIG E-Cigs Heat Up?

The flavoured liquid inside INCIG eCigs electronic cigarette, also called smoke juice, is the substance that is transformed into the vapour. Here’s the step-by-step of how INCIG eCigs work:

  1. Using the mouthpiece on the end of the INCIG eCigs electronic cigarette without the blue LED light, you inhale using a long, slow drag—much like you would smoke a cigarette.
  2. This inhalation activates the battery. You can tell the battery has been activated because the blue LED light lights up.
  3. When the battery is activated, it heats up the e liquid.
  4. Once the smoke juice is heated up, it moves through the atomiser and is turned into vapour.
  5. The vapour moves through the e-cig and into the mouthpiece, where it is inhaled.

The battery makes INCIG eCigs heat up—no fire needed. You can leave behind your matches, lighters, and ash trays. INCIG is the right way!

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