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So why was in INCIG electronic cigarettes named INCIG?

We chose the name INCIG, as we believe electronic cigarettes are forming part of a revolution and becoming a fast replacement for traditional cigarettes……and therefore have become the ‘in thing’ with regards to today’s social changing trends and opinions in

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INCIG Electronic Cigarette Customer Service: Why We Stand Out in the Crowd

Having the best electronic cigarettes on the market takes more than just having great products. It’s about having great e-cigarettes with great performance, the kinds of accessories that customers love and that truly do make their lives easier, refills that please the

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Recommend a Friend with INCIG ecigs

  You know we are all about rewarding our customers, and one way we love doing it is by rewarding word-of-mouth business. We love incentives, and we know that most people love to talk about things that work out for

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Save pounds…not pence with INCIG ecigs

E-cigarettes have so many benefits to offer that it can seem mind-blowing when you really consider all of them. Every single complaint a smoker has about traditional cigarettes can be taken down by e-cigs, that’s how amazing they are. Sick of

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Why its important to know what type of Ecig Refill you need

Choosing the right nicotine strength accounts for a lot of the experience. If you are just switching over from traditional cigarettes, you are going to want to go for something pretty similar to what you’re used to, for the most

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Why Hollywood A lister’s love e-cigs.

Oh, Hollywood… the epicentre for all trends, the hotbed that designates all that is cool, the place to see and be seen! So when the Hollywood set totally embraces a movement, and after several years, only more stars have gotten

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