Ecigs & How They Can Boost Your Productivity at work!

Smokers have to deal with a lot.

As a smoker you can’t ride on public transportation with cigarette lit.

They can’t go into a bar with their cigarette.

They can’t go into a restaurant with their cigarette.

And of course they can’t light up in office. Some work places even now stipulate they actual smoke off site!

A new study from an e-cigarette supplier within the UK asked nearly 1000 smokers how much time they spent a day smoking.

Approx 33% thought they spent more than an hour.

That translates into about 200+ hours a year – thats more than 5 working weeks!

And that was only for the “typical” smoker. 1 out of the 12 people polled was labelled a“heavy” smoker. This means they smoked at least 30 cigarettes a day, which translates into about 2 and half hours of day smoking.

That comes out to more than 14 + weeks a year

Imagine what an extra 5 weeks (or 14 weeks) of time would do to your career.
You could start an extra project that might give you a promotion and a salary increase.

You could get your work done more quickly and efficiently, potentially earning you a promotion and a salary increase.

You would be present at your desk more, giving the impression that you’re working hard and are more deserving of that promotion and increase.

Its not rocket science?

The answer is electronic cigarettes. What if you could avoid the need to leave the office to smoke?

Electronic cigarettes can be smoked in many indoor places, and don’t give off any cigarette odour or ash. They are the perfect solution for anyone who’s had to endure the outcast nature of our changing culture towards smoking and from non-smoking colleagues when they leave the office to smoke.

If you want to be ahead in the rat race……

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