Do Electronic Cigarettes Burn Your Throat?

If you’ve just made the switch to electronic cigarettes or you’ve recently changed brands, you may be wondering why your throat is suddenly sore, or why you seem to be coughing more often.

Quitting smoking, after all, is supposed to lead to a healthier lifestyle with fewer side effects. No one wants to make a significant change like this only to find that it results in feeling new or different effects.

Fortunately, this particular feeling is common and preventable in new e cig users; the solution involves some simple examination of a few key factors and some very minute adjustments.

The end result is an intensely satisfying and fulfilling vaping experience entirely free of inconvenience and discomfort.

Throat Hit: Fine Tuning for the Best Vape

Throat hit is an important element of the smoking experience, as essential to many users as flavour or the fulfillment of the nicotine craving itself. It is the immediately gratifying sensation you feel at the back of your throat upon taking a drag, the embodiment of full, rich satisfaction in your lungs as you inhale.

For some smokers, only the sharpest and most robust hits can achieve this type of peak enjoyment, while others can only tolerate a much lighter touch.

A smoker accustomed to ultra light cigarettes, for example, will typically choke on a single, short drag from something like a Benson & Hedges Flavour or Marlboro Red. The same principle holds true for electronic cigarettes.

The chances that a curious consumer could walk into a petrol station, buy their very first e cig and find straightaway that it was perfectly suited to their needs are incredibly slim. Just as with any other product you use on a regular basis, the process of finding the right electronic cigarette takes time and some initial experimentation.

Why Your E Cig May Hurt Your Throat

When a new e cig user experiences a sore throat that does not subside within a few days of regular product use, the problem is usually caused by one of two (if not both) culprits: nicotine strength and vaping style.
If you find yourself feeling light-headed or suffering from unexpected bouts of nausea in addition to a sore throat, chances are that your body is reacting to an overabundance of nicotine.

Typically, individuals switching from smoking a pack per day, or light smokers, benefit most from the strength of 1.6% nicotine. This strength offers a moderate throat hit and satisfies the average pack-a-day smoker’s cravings without overwhelming the senses. If you previously smoked fewer than 20 cigarettes per day and your current e cig’s strength is anything higher than 3% nicotine, it is certainly the cause of your irritated throat and coughing.

A reduction in strength should result in a lessening of your symptoms. As always, if you experience any symptoms that you feel warrant medical attention, we strongly suggest consulting your doctor.
The way you vape can also play a role in how your throat feels during and after using your electronic cigarette. Inhaling vapor from an e cig is very different than smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Taking in a deep, full draw of an electronic cigarette in the way you would drag from a cigarette will almost certainly result in an uncomfortable sensation in the back of the throat and in the lungs. Rather than drawing in quickly or heavily, most people find that an easy, measured drag (2 to 3 seconds) results in maximum enjoyment.

The vapour should enter your mouth easily and fluidly with minimal effort, causing zero discomfort as you inhale and exhale. Ideally, short, rapid puffs should be avoided, as this style does not lend itself to rich, satisfying clouds of vapour.

While individual usage will invariably differ, we do offer some suggestions to alleviate the burning throat feeling you may experience.

Keeping Your Goal in Mind

There are dozens of different reasons that smokers choose to switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, including everything from innumerable health concerns and family relationships to saving hundreds of pounds every month.

Whatever their reasons for quitting, their decision to pick up an e cigarette is typically based on the desire for an alternative that provides all of the benefits without all of the disadvantages that come along with smoking. If, however, something as essential as a comfortable, satisfactory throat hit can’t be achieved with an e cig, many ex-smokers migrate back toward tobacco before giving the alternative its proper chance.

If using your electronic cigarette is leaving you with a persistent sore throat or cough, remember that it is possible to enjoy a full vaping experience without discomfort.

If you feel you’d benefit from assistance in discovering the right nicotine level and flavour combination to suit you, INCIG‘s knowledgeable staff can help you choose based on information about your regular smoking habits, lifestyle and individual preferences.

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