Customer Service – Saying “I’ll pass on your feedback” isn’t good enough!

Here at INCIG electronic cigarettes we are always looking to improve the customer experience, and in June 2013 we collated our Customer Feedback!
We are always honest, and one thing which ‘we know’ and ‘we’ve all’ said it is…… “Thanks for the comments; I’ll pass your feedback along.”
Unlike most companies, we actually ‘DO’ listen and ‘DO’ feedback your comments to the right person, to make sure the right action is taken.
Whether this is a customer service issue, product issue, recommendation to ‘better’ the product or simply the customer just wanting to talk about their experiences, this all is collated and used in a positive manner!
Whether you Tweet, Facebook message, email the support address, or simply contact us the old fashioned way by phone, we collect it…….and use it!.
Our staff used to have big gripes towards their Team Managers as we continually drilled this work ethos into them, but now they realise the bigger picture, and have reaped the rewards due to less questions or complaints!
Because our team recognises customer service as being the optimum goal, all our staff take notice of what the customers say.
All staff recognise, even if it’s a tiny issue and not a huge problem, they still need to pass information on. INCIG staff realise that if it’s valuable enough to tell their team manager about it immediately after answering the telephone, they do so!
INCIG realises that this information is invaluable. If feedback isn’t collected, issues not addressed by the right people, it snowballs! Customers can be lost, product failings go amiss and 12 months down the line the company can be going in reverse.
Want to know how that feels? Contact your Utility Company! Most of the people who work there are probably doing their job correctly and telling the truth, but over the years they’ve generated such ill will that we don’t believe a word their saying.
“We’ll pass your feedback along”, that phrase no longer means anything except “please go away and stop talking to me”.
Companies who DO actually pass that feedback along now have to work harder to convince their users of this, but INCIG believes that it is this hard work that pays off in the long run!
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