Call to Action: United Kingdom

If you live in the United Kingdom please read and contact your local councillor to politely and respectively let them know you oppose the proposed plans to regulate Electronic cigarettes.

ATTENTION: If you enjoy INCIG eCigs or any other electronic cigarette product for that matter and live in the UK we are asking that you contact any influential person, organisation, the media and your local Councillor to voice your opposition to a newly proposed regulation by the MHRA which could quite possibly have a detrimental effect on the electronic cigarette industry.

BACKGROUND: In March 2011, the MHRA published the outcome of a public consultation on whether to bring nicotine-containing products (NCPs) within the medicines licensing regime. The response to public consultation showed strong support from the medical and public health communities for the application of the medicines regulatory framework. It was also clear that there was a need for further work to inform a final decision. Since that time, the MHRA has coordinated a programme of research on the use, quality and safety of NCPs, their potential impact on public health and how regulation might best be applied.

CALL TO ACTION: Please contact your local councillor and tell them:

• You oppose MHRA regulation plans
• Electronic cigarettes should not be treated the same as traditional cigarettes
• Electronic cigarettes produce no tobacco smoke, ash, or odour.
• Having restrictions on electronic cigarettes would negatively impact your ability to switch from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes
• Your personal story about why you switched to electronic cigarettes

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