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As we all know smoking traditional cigarettes is not cheap. Here at INCIG we have the ideal solution which not only offers you the same sensation as smoking, but also gives you a self regulated nicotine hit.

Our e-cigarettes are a fraction of the cost to normal cigarettes, and dependant on the brand of cigarette you smoke our e cigs can be between 70% to 80% cheaper than traditional cigarettes!

Check out our cost calculator below and see for yourself the savings which you can make today and then try our Starter Kit!

INCIG Saving Chart
Cigarette’s Per Day Traditional
  Cigarette Monthly Spend
  Cigarette Annual Spend
INCIG Monthly
INCIG Annual
Saving Per Month Saving Per Annum
10 Per Day £105 £1,260 £18 £216 £87 £1,044
20 Per Day £210 £2,520 £36 £432 £174 £2,088
30 Per Day £315 £3,780 £54 £648 £261 £3,132
40 Per Day £420 £5,040 £72 £864 £348 £4,176



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