Are Electronic Cigarettes Here to Stay?

As the electronic cigarette craze continues to sweep the UK, the question about its longevity due to changes by the Government and regulating the industry inevitably are at the forefront of current users, the industry and potential new vapers.

So the question on peoples tongue is : Are these electronic devices, which are designed to mimic the effects of a traditional cigarette, here to stay? Or are they just a passing fad destined to go the same route as the hool-a-hoop or Sinclair C5?

The Electronic Cigarette Smoking Experience

The biggest thing that electronic cigarettes have going for them is the fact that they are not trying to reinvent the smoking experience.

No, instead, e-cigarettes are attempting to create an experience that is nearly identical to a traditional cigarette smoking. With similar taste, feel and drag, many smokers who make the switch to an electronic cigarette report little difference in actual pleasure and satisfaction.

Of course, there are a number of differences between the two: Mainly e-cigarettes do not produce odour, smoke, ash or tar. That’s right, electronic cigarette users can enjoy true smoking experience, just without many of those nasty drawbacks.

Electronic cigarettes gain in popularity

The truth is that more and more UK smokers are realising the advantages of making the switch to electronic cigarettes. As more local governments are now looking to even ban smoking in outdoor public places, the e-cigarette is becoming the go-to alternative.

Because they do not produce that offensive second hand smoke, just an odourless form of water vapour, the e-cig has become accepted in bars, shopping centres, office’s and even cinemas.

From young professional out for a night on the town to the retired who wants to save a few pounds and taken care of their health, these innovative electronic devices are proving to be more than just a smoking supplement – they are becoming a lifestyle.

A-Lister’s and the e-cigarette

Of course, for a cultural trend to truly take effect, the mainstream media has to embrace it. This is another area where the electronic cigarette appears to be prevailing. In recent news famous A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Lindsay Lohan, Simon Cowell as well as Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole have been seen puffing on electronic cigarettes.

With such seemingly strong endorsements, it would appear that the e-cig is truly immersing itself in our culture.

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