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Vanilla ‘HIGH’ 18 Milligram Refill Pack
Vanilla ‘MEDIUM’ 12 Milligram Refill Pack
Vanilla ‘LOW’ 6 Milligram Refill Pack

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A Creamy Vanilla taste you have come to enjoy is now available within our cartomiser range.Creamy Vanilla arouses the senses with the tempting flavour of vanilla.

With 5 refills to one pack, you will experience a silky and enjoyable burst of flavour with ever puff. Arouse your taste buds and give in to your cravings with Creamy Vanilla. A single cartomiser is equivalent to around 30 cigarettes.

And because at INCIG we believe in ensuring that  ‘all’ our customers receive the very best service on every order. We have decided that if you order 5 or more packs of our refill cartomiser at any ‘one shop’ we promise that we will give you a further pack filled with 5 refill cartomiser absolutely FREE !