e-cigarette battery | Incig Electronic Cigarettes

batteryThe Long life INCIG Battery was created using the latest in Lithium Ion Technology and built to maintain a long-lasting life.

We choose to offer only a Long Life Battery with all our kits and as additional accessories as we ensure the best quality products available.

On one end of the battery is a metal twist attachment that easily screws onto the atomiser refill cartomiser.

On the other end of the battery is the LED indicator light, which emits a BLUE glow whenever you inhale, providing a realistic looking smoking experience.The light also acts as an alert system, and will flash when your battery needs to be recharged.

There are 2 types of batteries available in the market today, manual and automatic. INCIG have chosen to offer the automatic model only as many users found that the button on a manual battery was cumbersome and interfered with their electronic smoking experience.

We ensure using our e cigarettes are as user friendly as possible. INCIG Automatic Battery is the easiest battery to use and operates like a traditional cigarette. When you puff on your electronic cigarette, you are telling a computer chip located inside the battery to activate the atomiser and automatically produce vapour.

When using the automatic battery you can create the thickest vapour by priming your e-cigarette, simply by taking one long deep puff and thicker vapour will be produced on subsequent puffs.


Standard Battery Length – (92mm) – Approximately 300+ puffs

Standard Battery Width – (8.5mm)

Available Colours: ¬†”Cigarette Paper” White