charge case | Incig Electronic Cigarettes

incig-39The INCIG Personal Charging Case was designed for handiness when charging your batteries without the use of an electrical outlet or USB port. This powerful charger is like having an electrical outlet wherever you go and easily fits into your pocket or purse!

This portable accessory is a great idea for the electronic cigarette smoker who has an active lifestyle.

Now you can charge your INCIG electronic cigarette at any time and from anywhere.

Our powerful Charger Pack is about the size of a traditional cigarette box and charges your electronic cigarette batteries 5 times before needing to be recharged.

  • Simply charge the INCIG Charging Case with the included Wall Charger or USB Cable and any USB port.
  • Place your mini automatic batteries and refills (for storage purposes) inside the Charging Pack.
  • When your battery runs low, place it in the charging slot to recharge

Features include:

  • Battery life LED display to show remaining charge (iPack model only)
  • Charging Light (only on Excellence & Avantis PCC)
  • Includes USB charging cable