4 Cool Tricks you can do with your e-cigarette

E-cigarettes vaporise liquid in a refill cartridge that produces a smoke-like vapour you can exhale for a feeling similar to smoking a traditional cigarette.

While the vapour dissipates pretty quickly, and without a horrible lingering smell, you can still have a little fun with it.

INCIG believes that all work and no play, makes all of us very boring. Therefore its blogs should lean to the fun side so here are a few ideas for how to take your e-cig experience to the next level:

 The dragon

Most of the time, you probably exhale water vapour from your e-cigarette through your mouth, but if you’re feeling a bit fruity you can try something different. Blowing the water vapour out through your nose can make you feel like a dragon. The trick is to exhale very slowly so the vapour can billow out much like it would from the nostrils of a fire-breathing fantasy character. It also works best if you make up some fun dragon noises to accompany your trick.

French inhale

This is sort of the opposite of the dragon. For this, you’ll be inhaling the vapour through your nose. Take a puff from the e-cig and let the vapour pool in your mouth. Then, open it no more than half an inch and breathe in through your nose. You’ll need to practice to get this trick right, and doing so in front of a mirror will help you know if you’re doing it correctly. If you can capture it at just the right moment, the image of vapour trailing from your mouth to nose can look pretty cool.

Fun with cups

Get a cup of water and a straw. If you can get a dome lid like they have for fancy drinks, that is ideal, as it creates a nice housing for the vapour. Take a puff of your e-cig and hold the smoke in your mouth. Then, blow it gently through the straw and watch as the bubbles rise and burst. The dome, if you have one, will begin to fill with vapour that will slowly pour from the top of the lid. You can also blow vapour through the straw by itself, giving you the ability to have a little bit of fun by maybe concealing the straw and surprising a friend with a random burst of vapour. Get creative with it, but remember to do this with a spare glass of water, as the vapour will change the taste of the liquid.


Much like you did with the straw in the water, you can trap smoke in soap bubbles as well. This one takes a bit more practice, but it can be done. The key is to not fully inhale the vapour so it stays as visible as possible. Get your bubble wand ready before you take in a mouthful of u. Then, gently blow a bubble. The vapour will be trapped inside until the bubble pops, and when it does, the wisp of vapour just looks cool.



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