3 Reasons Why You Should Use INCIG Electronic Cigarettes?

3 reasons to switch to INCIG electronic cigarettes

Here at INCIG,we have stated that electronic cigarettes look, taste and feel just like a traditional cigarette. This claim has been backed by our client testimonials and our continued success as a leading e-cigarette brand.

We, however, recognise that if this were the only advantage of an electronic cigarette, you would be better off just sticking with your traditional tobacco brand. In order to consider making the switch, there has to be some added appeal.

Save with Electronic Cigarettes

Well, if cold hard facts are what you seek; INCIG has compiled a list of three ways in which electronic cigarettes help you save.

• Save your budget: If you are like the typical smoker, you probably spend somewhere from £6 to £8 on a pack of 20 cigarettes – which means that if you smoke a pack a day, you are spending around £2,000 a year. In comparison, this same pack a day habit converts to about £450 in electronic cigarettes – This adds up to a huge cost savings over the year.

• Save the environment: Every year, some 600 million trees are destroyed, all in the name of producing tobacco cigarettes. In addition, a countless number of cigarette filters and waded up packs get tossed, many of which end up lining our street curbs and filling our parks. The electronic cig revolution is putting an end to this waste. Because many electronic cigarette refills are recyclable, e-cigs are proving to be a more environmentally friendly alternative.

• Save time: Smoking bans are just about everywhere. You can no longer smoke at work, in the movie theatre, or even at the bar. Think about how much time you waste running outside, searching for a designated smoking spot? However, because electronic cigarettes have no odour or smoke, you can pretty much smoke them anywhere, even places where tobacco smoking has been banned. By simply staying put when the need to light up strikes, you can literally save yourself hours a day.

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